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Kriste B.

"Dr. Nancy Wang Davis is a highly skilled and effective acupuncturist. As a chronic pain patient for over 20 years, I suffer from full body arthritis, spinal cord damage, herniated discs, diabetic neuropathy and more. Just when I thought my pain couldn't get any worse or spread to any other part of my body, I began to develop debilitating pain in my shoulders and was subsequently diagnosed with rotator cuff disease. I tried physical therapy, narcotics, massage, and cortisone injections, ... before reluctantly agreeing to give acupuncture a chance.
After a year of misery, Dr. Nancy reduced my shoulder pain by 75 percent. A few weeks later, I broke 3 ribs and was virtually incapacitated. Doctors said there was no treatment, and the debilitating pain of broken ribs could last 3 months or more. This time, Dr. Nancy eradicated the pain 100 percent in 4 treatments.
I could give many more examples of her expertise -- such as her bringing back feeling to my fingers after two years of near total numbness from diabetic neuropathy -- or how she can completely eliminate nicotine cravings -- but the simple fact remains: Dr. Nancy changed me from a non-believer in acupuncture to a true believer and advocate.
But is not just Dr. Nancy's skill, knowledge, and professionalism that makes her my choice for treatment of various maladies. She is a rare find in medical professionals who truly cares about her patients. She is kind and personable. She takes the time to ask questions and LISTEN to the patient to determine what treatment is needed. I highly recommend her for anyone looking for a solution no one else has been able to offer."

Michelle H.

"I tried for years to become pregnant with intrauterine insemination and had no success. After much research, I read a medical study that showed a 20% increase in success when acupuncture was used in conjunction with IVF. My very first try led to the birth of my beautiful son at the age of 43! The acupuncture treatments helped increase my health and sense of well being and allowed me to manage the stress associated with IVF. I am currently trying for a second child and consider ... Nancy and her treatments an integral part of my prenatal plan. She is very professional and accommodates my difficult scheduling needs, I highly recommend her!"

Vince C

"In December of 2006 I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes. After becoming a compliant patient, my diabetic condition was under control for several years. But a couple years ago, after deviating from the medical treatment plan that was provided to me, I found my diabetes out of control. My A1C was 9.6. A person without diabetes should have an A1C of 6 and under. ...
My physician told me that I needed to get my diabetes under control or I would be on insulin the rest of my life. Through the use of acupuncture and following my physician's treatment plan and medications, my diabetes is back under control. I feel that acupuncture has been a major contributing factor in the efforts of keeping my diabetes under control. Nancy Wang Davis is professional and very thorough in her approach to treating me with acupuncture."

Rachael P

"I started seeing Nancy because of lower back and hip problems due to surgery. After a couple of treatments I started to feel relief, and now I am pain free. Nancy has helped me through my breast cancer and with all the body sensitivities caused by the surgery and radiation. Nancy is always professional, and checks various different parts of my body that ... are causing me issues.
I highly recommend her treatment for everyone. I have been going to her regularly for the past year."

Michelle W

"I have been seeing Nancy for acupuncture treatments for several years now for digestion and other health issues. Because of acupuncture, I can now eat without pain. It has also cured my headaches and back pain. She even helped me get better after having a long-lasting cough from Covid. I used to sleep 14 hours a night and after getting regular acupuncture treatments I only need 8 hours a night. She has made a huge difference in my overall health and well-being, and I will continue to come to her for preventative care. I’m very thankful for her and the difference she has made in my life."


"I highly recommend. Dr. Davis is excellent. She will not only treat you but she will also educate you. I feel very good and will be returning soon."


"I have social anxiety, so gathering up the courage to go was extremely difficult. When entering the building, the atmosphere was perfect for taking the first edge off of my nerves. The music, the decor, well designed! When I met Nancy, she was so calm, nice, sweet, and friendly. I took this step because of tennis elbow/ arthritis issues for the past year. The session felt amazing and I couldn't have asked for much better. I left wishing I could immediately go back. Definitely regret not looking into this sooner, but super excited to return!"


"Nancy is an amazing doctor and acupuncturist. The treatment is very effective . Now my body movement is more flexible and easy. "


"Lovely, welcoming atmosphere! Nancy is so kind and explains the procedure and answers any questions or concerns. Great experience! Highly recommend especially if new to the acupuncture experience."


"I went for plantar fasciitis pain relief because I have tried everything else and people say there is no “scientific evidence” that acupuncture works. Well, let me tell you after just 1 treatment my pain went from an 8 to a 3. Nancy is great, she knows what she is doing. Highly suggest trying it if you have something similar."


"Nancy is to the point and works directly to help manage whatever your malady. Her new patient intake charts are very detailed and allow you to express your areas of concern as well as goals and any pertinent health info. The space was clean and relaxing. She has a gentle touch and checks in often to make sure you’re comfortable.."


"Very knowledgeable woman and I loved that she made sure I was warm and comfortable!"


"Very Relaxing! Euphoric feeling... bought for my husband & myself... Nancy is extremely knowledgeable... will be back!"


"Nancy is an amazing doctor & acupuncturist. The treatment is very effective. Now my body movement is more flexible & easy."


"This was a most relaxing experience and I felt taken care of and understood. We addressed my issues and came up with a treatment plan. I am amazed at how good I felt after the treatment. I had so much energy and the pain I normally feel was greatly diminished. I am excited to go back again and would recommend this to anyone!"


"Very clean and restful environment. She was very good and explained everything she was doing so I would know what to expect. I will definitely return. I had the acupuncture and fire cupping, both were equally productive."


"This was a wonderful experience, it gave me a new look at life; how important it is to take care of You!"


"Nancy is very kind and busy. She is knowledgeable about many traditional forms of Chinese healing techniques. Her needles are sterile which is important to me."


"I went and had acupuncture today for the first time ever and it was so relaxing. I'm a big skeptic but after one visit, it has eased some of my lower back pain which I find to be crazy awesome. I will be scheduling follow up appointments in the near future. Thank you for a wonderful experience."


"I now get the treatment every week. Nancy is amazing. I did not suffer from the seasonal allergies first time in many years."


"I had never experienced acupuncture before. She took her time to really hear my story and health issues, and then explained how acupuncture and the Chinese medicine can help put my body back in balance. She then inserted the needles and it didn't hurt at all. She encouraged me to breathe deep and even take a nap, which was a very welcome thing in the middle of the day!"

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